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Looking after your breasts and checking them for any changes should be an essential part of every woman’s health care routine. But what should you do if you see a change in your breasts or find a lump? Compassionate, caring gynecologist, Sarah Newton, MD, at Red Rock OB/GYN in Las Vegas, can find out what’s causing your symptoms and investigate why you have a lump using state-of-the-art diagnostics. If you have any worries about your breasts, call Red Rock OB/GYN today or book an appointment online.

Breast Care Q & A

How should I care for my breasts?

It’s vitally important that you are familiar with what your breasts normally look and feel like so you can spot any changes.

You should carry out a self-examination once a month to look for any changes in your breasts, using your fingers to press into the breast tissue and armpit area so you can feel if any lumps are forming.

If you feel a lump, or you notice any changes in your breasts, call Red Rock OB/GYN and let your gynecologist find out what’s causing the problem.

What changes should I look for in my breasts?

Any change in the appearance of your breast’s shape or alterations in the skin need investigating. Some signs of breast health problems include:

  • Thickening skin
  • Dimpling
  • Reddened skin
  • Sore nipples
  • Scaling on the nipples
  • Ulcers
  • Discharge from the nipples
  • Pain in the breasts or armpits

If you feel pain in your breasts, it could be due to changes in hormone levels because of your menstrual period, pregnancy, or menopause. It’s still worth reassuring yourself there’s no other cause, and you should always investigate pain that’s in one place or is getting worse.

If I have breast problems, does it mean I have cancer?

Many of the causes of breast problems aren’t due to cancer. Other conditions that often give rise to symptoms in the breast include mastitis, cysts, and infections, which may need treating but shouldn’t be a cause of undue alarm.

Most women are aware that a lump could potentially be breast cancer, but if you feel a lump, it’s not necessarily cancerous. Cysts and benign tumors are more common than malignant cancers, so although you should visit Red Rock OB/GYN if you find any kind of lump, don’t assume the worst.

The important thing is to spot any lumps or other changes so that your doctor can diagnose the cause early on. She identifies whether a lump is a cyst or a tumor using an ultrasound imaging test or needle biopsy.

Should I have any regular screening tests to check my breasts?

A mammogram is an X-ray screening test used to spot the earliest signs of a tumor. You should talk to your doctor about whether you need to start having mammograms regularly, as it depends on any history of breast cancer in your family and your medical history. In general, all women between the ages of 45 and 54 should have an annual mammogram, and older women should have them at least every other year.

If you want to find out more about how to examine your breasts and what to look for, or you notice a change in your breasts, call Red Rock OB/GYN today to book an appointment, or use the online tool.

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