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After decades of having a period, menopause might seem like a welcome change. That is, until you start to experience all the other symptoms that come along with it. If menopause brought unwelcome symptoms to your life, Sarah Newton, MD, offers you relief. At Red Rock OB/GYN in Las Vegas, they help women know what to expect during menopause and offer tools and treatments to help them feel their best through this season of life. To learn more, call their office or book your appointment online.

Menopause Q & A

I’m having menopausal symptoms. Am I in menopause?

One of the biggest challenges with menopause is that it’s a fairly drawn out process. Most women begin experiencing the symptoms traditionally associated with menopause, like hot flashes and moodiness, well before their last period. This season is known as perimenopause and it generally lasts around four years. In addition to the symptoms, it’s characterized by less frequent, farther apart menstrual cycles.

You don’t technically reach menopause until you’ve gone a full year without a period. And, even then, you’ll likely experience symptoms for at least another few years.

The most common symptoms during perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Mood changes
  • Weight gain
  • Irritability
  • Decreased libido
  • Thinning hair or hair loss
  • Trouble remembering things
  • Headaches
  • Breast tenderness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Clearly, menopause isn’t easy on a woman’s body or her quality of life.

Why do I experience menopause?

Over time, your body begins to produce fewer reproductive hormones. This brings your menstrual cycle to a stop — eventually. But it’s not a clean break. Your ovaries eventually stop producing eggs, and as your body tapers off the amount of reproductive hormones it’s producing, your hormonal balance is thrown into chaos. Your body tries to adjust, but the continually decreasing hormone levels put it into a constant state of imbalance. The result is the wide range of symptoms.

What can I do about menopause? Am I stuck with my symptoms?

Absolutely not. At Red Rock OB/GYN, Dr. Newton offers patients treatment to help them get their quality of life back. Specifically, they offer hormone replacement therapy.

This innovative treatment replaces the hormones your body no longer produces, rebalancing your hormone levels so you can feel normal again. It also helps prevent bone loss.

Rebalancing your hormone levels requires a high level of care and attention to detail. Dr. Newton tailor your hormone replacement therapy to your specific body and your lifestyle goals. That might mean adjusting the dose you take, the types of hormones involved, or the duration of your treatment. They’re here to help you feel your best.

Menopause doesn’t have to throw your life off balance. To learn more about your symptoms and what you can do about them, call Red Rock OB/GYN or schedule your appointment online.

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